2021 Masthead

Editorial Interns

Kevin Herrera

Kevin is a Journalism major at LaGuardia Community College. He was born and raised in Queens, New York. One of is hobbies is playing basketball. He aspires to be involved in the NBA: either being a commentator for the games or conducting interviews.



Brenda Lema

Brenda is a Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College with high hopes of being able to pursue something she loves with this degree. She’s an animal lover who enjoys reading, writing whatever comes to mind, and painting.

Jin Martin

“Self Portrait” by Jin Martin

Jin is a freshman at LaGuardia Community College majoring in Japanese. He enjoys various anime, games, and fashion. He aspires to become a translator and work overseas in Japan, and continue his education at Temple University. His hobbies include creating art and music in his free time, hoping to inspire others with his media.