by Andrea Murguia Dajbura

Black man with fist in the hair holding on to light post at Black Lives Matter Protest

Some Questions for Andrea Murguia Dajbura

What inspired you to create “Black Lives Matter Protest, June 2, 2020, Brooklyn, NY”?
I wouldn’t say that I created it. I just took a snapshot of the protest given the circumstances of the racial discrimination in The United States and the death of George Floyd. As racism keeps increasing in The United States, I think this photo speaks for itself and has a powerful message. Black Lives Matter.

How has COVID impacted your creative work?
COVID hasn’t impacted my creative work since I shared my work on social media. However, COVID made me observe a different perspective of the world.

Andrea Murguia Dajbura is a street photographer residing in New York, originally from Cochabamba-Bolivia. Currently, she’s pursuing her first year at LaGuardia Community College to accomplish her Associate’s degree in Commercial Photography. Her curiosity for photography started as a hobby. Eventually, she had a passion for it, for capturing, for documenting and showing the daily moments of society. She had the opportunity to participate in a few exhibitions, two times in New York at Solas Studio, and on one occasion at Treviso Photography Festival in Venice, Italy. You can see more of Andrea’s work via her Instagram page: @boliviansoul.

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