Interview with Victoria Buitron

VICTORIA BUITRON is a writer and translator whose work delves into the intersections of identity and place, family history, and the moments her hippocampus refuses to forget. A BODY ACROSS TWO HEMISPHERES, which narrates her search for home between Ecuador and Connecticut, is her debut memoir-in-essays and winner of the 2021 Fairfield Book Prize.

Viviana Peña served as co-editor in chief for The Lit in 2022. She is a single mother of two born and raised in New York City. She’s a full-time Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College. She’s a lover of languages and words. She aspires to continue her education after La Guardia and major in Romance Languages, and eventually travel writing. Her hobbies include hiking and biking, and spending time with her children.

Dr. Sonia Alejandra Rodríguez is an associate professor of English at LaGuardia Community College.