by Angelica I. Ayala

Months of cold hail and wind,
My world was
an icy cave
with no light or warmth
where hope gathered
in droplets only
to freeze.
A trembling man
enters like an avalanche
and begins thawing hope
using only his breath and hands.
When I ask why
he takes my hand and tells me:
to sow love,
the permafrost must melt.

Starting at LaGuardia Community College as soon as online learning began, Angelica I. Ayala has been on a journey to find a major that best suits her. From starting as Intent to Vet Tech, then taking courses for Education: Early Childhood, she has found herself in Creative Writing. While searching through all the thoughts that she often pushed aside, Angelica found a way to put them all together in poetry. With the help of Dr. Conners (ENG 271) and Dr. Fink (ENG 270), she was able to interpret, learn about. and then create her own poetry pieces.

Image credit: “Sun Flare,” Avital Pinnick. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.