Category: Visual Art 2020

Before Corona Happened — Untitled 4

by Dewa Wiryawan



Dewa is a freelance photographer and videographer; he likes to call himself a photo enthusiast. He has been a photographer since 2013, right after he graduated from high school. His photography is mostly based on what is happening in society, but sometimes he takes photos of restaurants and weddings. His mission is to deliver a story through photos, that is why wherever he travels he will bring his camera.


By Christie Laurent



Coming from Haiti three years ago, Christie Guerbenjy Laurent is a student at LaGuardia Community College pursuing an associates degree, majoring in Civil Engineering. She is passionate about drawing, collages, and creative projects. She was a member of an art group in Haiti, where they create pots out of clay and draw, among other creative projects. She uses art and drawing to express most of her feelings; she states “art is one of my ways to communicate.” Any bad social or gender aspects in a society, she addresses them through art. She is planning on attending City College in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering. Follow her on Instagram @kitty_benjy.

Mandala & Flowers, Knight, & Balance

by Ivan Estevez

 Mandala & Flowers








Ivan Estevez has been an artist for almost two decades. He was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York when he was 10-years-old. He got started in art thanks to Anime; almost every day after school, Ivan would go to the library to look up and print out images of Dragon Ball and spend the rest of the time attempting to copy them. At age 13, on one of his many library trips, he stumbled upon How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, and from that moment he was hooked. Ivan works as a professional tattoo artist with 12 years of experience. He specializes mostly in Black and Grey Portraits and Custom Designs. He also does commissions in Oil Painting, Digital, and traditional illustrations, along with the occasional art teaching. For more of his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram at @kamiartist.


by Jasmine Chan



Jasmine Chan is a Malaysian-Chinese artist born in Queens, New York. She is attaining her Associates degree in Fine Arts at LaGuardia Community College and will be transferring to the School of Visual Arts for a BFA in Illustration. Jasmine conveys her emotional experiences by composing characters in environments with surreal elements and colors to create specific moods. Although she mostly works digitally, Jasmine loves to explore traditional mediums such as oil paint, ink, and sculpture. Just like the anime, cartoons, manga, and video games that influenced her art since childhood, she strives to tell fictional and personal stories through her pieces. You can find her on Instagram @ jazzy_channs and check out her portfolio on her website.

Guitar Central Park

by John Puga



John Puga is a Brooklyn-based artist who has been studying photography, art, and design for over 18-years. He came to New York City from San Antonio, Texas to study photography at LaGuardia Community College. His photography explores the beauty in everyday life’s overlooked moments. He has a B.F.A. in Computer Graphic Arts (2012) and an M.A. in Communication Arts (2016) from the University of the Incarnate Word. You can see more of his work via his Instagram page: @pugarazzi.